Repair Estimates

Accordions are complicated instruments! To provide an estimated repair cost we must play and inspect your instrument in the shop.

There is an evaluation and handling fee.

Want to restore your old accordion?

We would love to restore your instrument. However, please know that if an instrument has not been played or serviced for years, the cost of restore could exceed the cost to buy a comparable used instrument. It may look good on the outside but unfortunately the components on the inside do not age gracefully.

Buying an accordion online?

It is risky to buy accordions online (or anywhere) unless the seller is a knowledgeable player who can confirm specific details about its condition and allow returns. That bargain you see can easily turn into an investment.

Not in the Pretoria area?

We have helped people from all over South Africa. You can courier the instrument to us but before you do so please contact us so we can explain how to pack the accordion for travel to keep your accordion at low risk of damage during courier.