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Sound, touch and design have set an uncompromising standard of the characters of Victoria Accordions. Handcrafting each Victoria requires up to three full months – creating an instrument of rare quality and global renown, using traditional, high-tech applications and collaborations with artists. Our passion for the music remains always the fondation of our work.

Not surprisingly, Victoria remains the choice of concert artists, composers, and performers around the world, here are only some of them like Richard Galliano, Frank Marocco, Coba, Gil Goldstein, Luciano Biondini and Andreas Hinterseher (Quadro Nuevo).

In the various stiles of the accordion world, Victoria has always been the focus of attention of the public, thanks to artists, who have chosen the quality of Victoria Accordions to express themselves through our sound, making us proud of our work.

Victoria as it is known today was founded in 1919 by Dario Dari and Adriano Picchietti. The production concentrated from the beginning on high quality accordions. Victoria was one of the first factories that started to produce converter accordions hence the Name Victoria Converter. Victoria has always worked with the greatest accordionists and teachers, this cooperation has helped to innovate and modify models known for their long life and customer satisfaction. The legendary sound of Victoria is warm, velvety and unmistakable.

A430VPR Poeta 47 Ridotto

47/120 4/5 M+15/7 Cassotto

cm 48×20 – keyboard cm 53 – kg 10,6

Small keyboard

A420VP Poeta

41/120 4/5 M+15/7 Cassotto

cm 48×20 – keyboard cm 53 – kg 10,4

The acoustic woods have been selected from series seasoned minimum 7 years in a natural way; the hand work is made using the old system, from the famous lute-makers of Cremona, Amati and Stradivari.

All models from the “Finest Acoustic wood” can be realised also with black finishing.

The accordions in solid wood, manufactured with finest acustic woods by a real lute-maker. Each accordion is an unique and unrepeatable work of art; the means the artist with, convey feelings to the people.

XB502 Cadenza

47/120-58 4/6-2 5 15/6-3 Cassotto

cm 49×23 – keyboard cm 56 – kg 12,3

XB502c Cadenza

105-64/120-58 4/6-2 7M +15/6-3 Cassotto

cm 46×23 – keyboard cm 46 – kg 12,8




A complete range of models for beginners, amateurs and professional musicians.

Maximum noise reduction and perfect mechanism permit you to really enjoy playing the accordion. The keyboard and button tension are optimized in order to have a fast touch.

A430V Solista

47/120 4/5 M+15/7 Cassotto

cm 49×19,5×43,5 – keyboard cm 56 – kg 11,8

A420V Professional

41/120 4/5 M+13/7 Cassotto

cm 48×20 – keyboard cm 53 – kg 11,6

A335V Allegro

41/120 4/5 M+13/7 Cassotto

cm 48×20 – keyboard cm 53 – kg 11,2

A220V Orchestra I

37/96 4/5 11/5

cm 44×19 – keyboard cm 48 – kg 9,5

White decoration Spring

This professional accordion, made with high quality materials and love for detail. The perfect keyboard with 47 notes, a noiseless and precise mechanism guarantee a perfect performance from the artist.

XB402 Concert

47/120-58 4/6-2 5+ 15/6-3 Cassotto

cm 49×23 – keyboard cm 56 – kg 12,8




A125V Medio

37/72 3/4 5/2

cm 39×19 – keyboard cm 43 – kg 7,8

A215V Trio

37/96 3/5 7/2

cm 44×19 – keyboard cm 48 – kg 8

A105V Primo

26/48 2/4 3/0

cm 34×17 – keyboard cm 36 – kg 5,8

The bandoneon produced by Victoria “Finest Acoustic Wood” is a tribute to Astor Piazzolla. The sound is clear and with big extension, given by using the best acoustic woods and particular construction, this instrument would have enchanted also the great master.

Astor DA Milonga

38 keys – 33 basses – 2/2 zinc reeds – bisonor

Astor DT Primero

38 keys – 33 basses – 2/2 zinc reeds – bisonor

There are many more models available, we have only selected a few. Please consult our website, email us at or simply call Sergio at 011 888 2439 or 083 302 3113 for quotations and general information on the instruments.

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“After more than 40 years, my Victoria accordions are a part of my body, my soul and my life”  ~  Richard Galliano



Claudio, winner of many  Competitions and finalist in the NEA in the 2013/14 season.


Kashvir Classical Accordionist was awarded a  Diploma at the SASMT 2014 August Johannesburg Festival.