Inventors: Amarillie Ackermann (Harpist) / Graham Guthrie (Electronic Engineer). Patent Pending no: 2007 / 08398

The invention offers the harpist a permanently visible display of the pedal positions – it tracks the pedal movements as they are made in real time.

There are 21 LED lights on the screen, arranged in the corresponding positions of the pedals – 3 rows x 7 columns. It is attached to the top of the base of the harp. Each pedal is equipped with a sensor, which lights up the corresponding light on the matrix. It therefore displays the pedal diagram perfectly. It looks like a miniature computer screen, and functions like an alarm keypad – different lights indicate different zones.

A battery pack of 4 “AA” batteries is attached to the underside of the base, and defaults to “off” when the harp stands upright. As one pulls the harp over, it switches on automatically. It has an override “off” switch for transportation. When the batteries have lost a certain amount of energy, the lights start flashing, as a warning. After a few seconds of flashing, they stabilise, but the few seconds of flashing serve as a battery check, with ample warning. Batteries last about 1 – 3 months, subject to usage.

The actual size of the display unit is 60.5 mm X 30.5 mm including frame. The LED display is 60 mm X 30 mm. It is 10 mm high.

Price: R 3 000 (South African Rands Netto)
Bank details for foreign transfers will be supplied on order.

For more information on the Pedal Display Unit, please visit the HARP SPECTRUM website.