Andante Spianato Op.22 – F. Chopin

Etude No.12 – J.S. Bach




  1. Song for Anna – André Popp
  2. Last Rose of Summer – John Stevenson
  3. Wedding Song – Fred Jay
  4. Theme and Variations on a Theme of Mozart – Mikhael Glinka
  5. Romance in Ab Major – Elias Parish-Alvars
  6. Lied van Mali die Slaaf – Stephen Le Roux-Marais
  7. Bridal Chorus – Richard Wagner (aka. Wedding March)
  8. Romance – Anonymous
  9. Trumpet Voluntary – Jeremiah Clarke
  10. Wedding March – Félix Mendelssohn
  11. The Swan from the Carnival of the Animals – Camille Saint-Saëns
  12. Song of Mali the Slave – Stephen Le Roux-Marais
  13. Etude No. 6 in C Major – J. S. Bach arr. Marcel Grandjany
  14. Watching the Wheat – John Thomas
  15. Sonata in C Minor – J. L. Dussek
  16. La Source – Albert Zabel
  17. Etude No 12 in Eb Major – J.S. Bach arr. Marcel Grandjany
  18. Etude No 1 in Eb Major – Edmund Larivière
  19. Fantasy on a Theme of Haydn Op. 31 – Marcel Grandjany



I have made one professional television programme for SABC television, called “Serenade in die Wynland”, under the direction of Willem Vogel. This programme consisted of 12 Afrikaans Art Songs, performed by 4 different sopranos, of which I transcribed and performed all accompaniments on the harp. I participated in several other TV programmes or fillers over the years, as an extra player, or part of ensemble or orchestra, or in interviews, but I have no record of these any more. They were few and far between, and I didn’t consider them important, as my roles were too small.



I play the harp on one or a few tracks of the CDs of many other artists, as accompanist, or part of an ensemble, eg. Malané Hofmeyr-Burger, Salon Music, Daniele Pascal and Martin Lane.



I have recorded four compact discs with Sergio Zampolli, as our Duo 2000 unique combination. I have arranged my part of every work on each CD, and I play the harp on all four. The first two were finalists in the SAMA awards, and one of them was endorsed by SABC 2. I co-produced the 3 rd and 4 th CD, so I gained valuable experience in producing, over and above recording. I have also solely researched the programme notes of each work, and produced the designs and information for the covers and inlays.

The CDs are:

  1. Song to the Evening Star (1997) – BMG Label
  2. Song for Anna (2001) – Value Music Label
  3. Encore (2004) – Value Music Label
  4. Classical Moments (2007) – Universal Label



I have recorded 2 solo albums, comprising works that I see on a variety of professional CDs of world-famous harpists, and works that are prescribed for various higher grades and Diplomas for the various institutes like Trinity College London, Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, UNISA, or London College of Music. I am also the producer of these CDs. My first solo CD is called Close to my Harp and includes one work of Frédéric Chopin, which I transcribed for harp myself. It is called Andante Spianato Op. 22 . This CD was released in January 2008 on Salon Music Label.



CD 1 – “Close to my Harp” – Salon Music Label (SP18)

  1. Etude No. 6 in C Maj (Andante from Sonata No. 2 for Unaccompanied Violin) Johann Sebastian Bach / Marcel Grandjany (4:40)
  2. Etude No. 12 in Eb Maj (Prelude from Partita No. 3 for Unaccompanied Violin) Johann Sebastian Bach / Marcel Grandjany (3:58)
  3. Andante Spianato Op. 22 – Frédéric Chopin (4: 39)
  4. La Source (“Am Springbrunnen”) Op. 23 – Albert Zabel (5:41)
  5. Fantasy on a Theme of Haydn Op. 31 – Marcel Grandjany (8:04)
  6. Sonata in C minor – Jan Ladislav Dussek 1 st Movement – Allegro (2:25)
  7. 2 nd Movement – Andantino (1:48)
  8. 3 rd Movement – Rondo Allegro (2:48)
  9. Watching the Wheat – John Thomas (4:40)
  10. Phantasie Op. 35 – Ludwig Spohr (8:38)
  11. Nocturne – Mikhael Glinka (4:28)
  12. Megan’s Daughter – John Thomas (6:25)
  13. Romance in Ab Major – Elias Parish-Alvars (2:11)
  14. Etude No. 1 in Eb Major – Edmund Larivière (3:18)


Launch concert of Close to my Harp, Musaion, 27 January 2008


CD 2 – Closer to my Harp (2010)

  1. 1 st movement – Prélude: Allegro – Allegro Moderato Fieramente (2:34)
  2. 2 nd movement – Andantino con Spirito (2:41)
  3. 3 rd movement – Anglaise Rondoletto (1:29)
  4. Etude No. 27 in Bb Major – Ettore Pozzoli (Ricordi) (2:21)
  5. Etude No. 28 in C Major – Ettore Pozzoli (Ricordi) (1:03)
  6. Etude No. 29 in Gb Major – Ettore Pozzoli (Ricordi) (2:14)
  7. Cavatina from The Deer Hunter – Stanley Myers (Hal Leonard) (3:21)
  8. Je te veux – Erik Satie Arr. Amarillie Ackermann (Manuscript) (5:02)
  9. Lied van Mali die Slaaf – Stephen Le Roux-Marais (FAK) (3:38) Arr. Amarillie Ackermann (Manuscript)
  10. Etude No. 14 in E minor – François-Joseph Dizi (Salvi Publications) (2:14)
  11. Serenade Op. 83 – Elias Parish-Alvars (Adlais) (8:41)
  12. Grande Study in Imitation of the Mandoline – Elias Parish-Alvars (Adlais) (7:58)
  13. The Last Rose of Summer – John Stevenson (Carl Fischer) (3:46) Arr. Gertrude Ina Robinson
  14. Variations on a Theme by Mozart – Mikhael Glinka (Salvi Publications) (9:45)
  15. La Danse des Sylphes – Félix Godefroid (Salvi Publications) (8:00)



After a very long and successful association with Salon Music in Pretoria, I was invited to participate in the making of a DVD. It is called Celebration, and was launched to celebrate their 15 years of success. I am one of 19 South African artists who feature on this DVD, and who have all worked closely with Salon Music. My track is Andante Spianato Op. 22 by Frédéric Chopin. Reviews of this video can be seen in my Facebook Profile.

Celebration DVD