From the Cape to the northern historical gold mining towns, from Namibia to the East Coast of our wonderful country, the accordion and other FREE REED INSTRUMENTS such as Concertinas – diatonic accordions – bandoneon – mouth organ etc. are played in various communities and in different styles.  Let us unite and “revive” these instruments.  Join AccordionSA, your one-stop FREE REED instruments  information centre.

We offer you up to date regional and international news.

This website has been created for you – the accordionist and is dedicated to the promotion of the accordion through all music genres and all variations of accordion instruments. The purpose of this site is to develop a comprehensive database of South African accordionists, accordion services, products and all other items relating to the accordion.

Accordion SA encompasses all types of musical genres such as jazz, ethnic and classical, to name a few, on all playing levels. We aim to promote the general dissemination of information to the benefit of accordionists and accordion enthusiasts.


  • To promote interest in the accordion through public awareness.
  • To hold meetings, workshops, conventions, concerts and lots of other activities throughout South Africa.
  • To act as a source which provides referrals for various factors pertaining to the accordion, such as instruction, repair, sales and trade, sheet music, accessories etc.