The accordion is a versatile, enjoyable instrument. It’s extremely fragile, and it’s important to know that some accordions include parts that are no longer in production. Repairing or maintaining an accordion is a delicate process that should only be undertaken with the proper knowledge. Additionally, accordions should be brought to a reputable repair shop for inspection and maintenance.

If your accordion is producing a buzzing sound when played at specific air pressures, it’s possible that some of your reeds will require repair. Reed skins are extremely delicate, and can be bent out of shape or loosened from their seating if the accordion is dropped, or simply used for an extended period of time. These skins will need to be reshaped to alleviate any buzzing noises.

Almost all older accordions are in need of varying degrees of repair. Their keys and buttons are usually noisy, some of the keys may be misaligned, and many of the reeds may not be speaking properly. In the case of very old piano accordions, an overhaul is usually called for, including a keyboard levelling, a full retuning, new leathers, and rewaxing of the reed plates – the shelf life of reed wax is only about 30 years. This is not cheap because it is labour-intensive – a big repair job might require as long as 20 hours of work. Sometimes it’s worth it and sometimes it’s not.

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