The Barnyard Theatre has always been known for its creative combination of its ambianceand good music, and when the band Ice Project took the stage at Cresta, it was no different. For a Sunday night, the theatre was packed as people sat around large wooden tables eating pizza and simply enjoying the show.

Ice Project is a four piece band consisting of Cobus Bester (Vocals); Heinrich Pelser (guitar); Theunis de Bruyn (drums, guitar and backing vocals) and Louis Potgieter (bass, keyboard and backing vocals). The band played their own material, with many of the back-stories to the songs being recited. Nevertheless, the gem of the show came in during the second half with Zariana Ross making a guest appearance on the accordion with two songs. Zariana was absolutely enchanting as the spot light hovered over her and her instrument and as much as she gave to the audience, so the audience gave back to her. To say she was a crowd pleaser is an understatement and to see both the band, Ice Project as well as the popular theatre, The Barnyard, embrace the accordion can only develop interest in the instrument and thus expand the musical community.