ARTIST:   Daniele Pascal
TITLE:  Parisette
REVIEWER:   Rocco de Villiers
DATE OF REVIEW:   2011-04-12 02:39:31


  1.  Accordeon
  2. C est Magnifique
  3. Un Jour, tu verras
  4. Reine de Musette
  5. Enfin le Printemps
  6. Domino
  7. Jolie Mome
  8. Plaisir d Amour
  9. La Valse a Margaux
  10. Que sera, sera
  11. Sympathique
  12. Moulin Rouge
  13. Sous les Ponts de Paris
  14. Coeur Vagabond
  15. Les Parapluies de Cherbourg
  16. Le Chemin des Forains
  17. Sous le Ciel de Paris


Catalogue Number: CRZ008 Style: French Cafe Songs I love this album! We all know the style of french cafe music that came to its height in the 1940’s, but this CD is beautiful, nostalgic, sensitive and fantastic to listen to. But – what will an album like this be without the accordion? Sergio Zampolli brings the feel, the mood and the style. The arrangements of Rika Vermeulen are stylish, sexy, unpretentious and presents the music for what it is. Danielle Pascal is a trouper when it comes to this style of music. Her voice is sad even when it is happy. Contact Daniele Pascal: