ARTIST:   Theo Eramus
TITLE:  Die Classics gaan Sakkie Sakkie
REVIEWER:   Rocco de Villiers
DATE OF REVIEW:   2011-04-12 12:51:37


  1. Eine kleine nacht Polka
  2. Blou Donou Wals
  3. Light Cavalry Seties
  4. William Tell Vastrap
  5. Redetsky Seties
  6. Rose van die Suide
  7. Hongaarse Vastrap
  8. Klavierkonsert No. 1
  9. Sylvia Seties
  10. Tris Tras Polka
  11. Vlermuiswals
  12. Can Can Seties
  13. Pizzicato Polka
  14. Lentestemme Wals
  15. Simfonie No. 40 Seties


“Sakkie Sakkie” is a traditional Afrikaans style dancing that reminds of the waltz and polka.  This album is not for the classic purists, but certainly for “sakkie sakkie” dance fans. It displays the adaptability of the tunes of the Classical Masters such as Mozart, Strauss, Liszt and Tchaikovsky.  And it certainly shows off the variety of styles the accordion can play and master.  Put to a modern beat (that sometimes reminds of the shuffle and the 1950’s swing), you can now dance to Mozart’s 40th Symphony and Eine Kleine Nacht Muzik.

What is very impressive of a veteran in music like this, is the fact that Theo Erasmus played the accordion, programmed the bass, the drums, mixed the album and recorded it.  This is almost what one calls a “one  man band”.   The guitar was played by Henry Erasmus.  Nice to dance to, nice to listen to!  I wish more people have the initiative and originality to combine traditional styles of music and dancing with the Classics.

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