ARTIST:   Opus 3
TITLE:  Chocolat and Cigarettes
REVIEWER:   Sergio Zampolli
DATE OF REVIEW:   2011-04-14 01:47:27


  1. Au Printemps – Jacques Brel
  2. Ne Me Quitte Pas – Jacques Brel
  3. Suite Chocolat – Rachel Portman
  4. Aria for 2 – Charl Lamprecht
  5. El Choclo -Trad. Argentinian
  6. Libertango – Astor Piazzolla
  7. Sambarado – Trad. Brazilian
  8. Cameroon – Trad. West African
  9. Cigarettes – Gypsy Melodies arr. Toni Ivanova


Catalogue Number: Choc001.

The ensemble called Opus 3 consists of three players using four instruments: Marc Botha on Saxophone, Toni Ivanova alternating on Cello and Accordion, and Charl Lamprecht on Classical Guitar. If possible, try not to miss this beautiful collector’s piece. All arrangements were made by the members of the group, probably the only of its kind in the world. They are very skillful arrangements, which keep an active dialogue between the instruments, giving an outstanding balance of melody, counter melody and accompaniment, showcasing the best of each instrument’s flair.

The display of musicality in the performance is outstanding. For me, it is immediately noticeable in “Au Printemps”, but especially gripping in “Ne me quitte pas”. Not only is there nostalgia, romance, melody, charm (especially in “El Choclo”) and passion (especially in Libertango) – there is also a fantastic display of virtuosity througout all numbers. As far as creativity goes, in addition to the arrangements by all three members, Charl Lamprecht transcribed a part for guitar for the beautiful work “Aria for 2”, composed by his father, Chris Lamprecht – an absolutely exquisite elegy-like work with a haunting melody. It is an outstanding work of part-playing. Sambarado and Cameroon entertain with contributions that are not heard every day, giving us a glimpse of jazzy Brazilian and traditional West African influence.

Even the cover with artwork by Adriaan Boshoff is a work of art in itself and the booklet provides beautiful pictures of all three artists in person, pictures of their hands on their instruments, as well as interesting information. Cesar’s Sound with Cesar d’Almeida at the desk is another work of art in this wonderful CD.

This CD is available from Salon Music in the Brooklyn Mall. Alternatively, contact Opus3 at, but do not miss this.