ZARIANA ROSS joins the crusade of the Revival of the Accordion in South Africa.

Zariana Ross was born in Bulgaria and at the age of six, in the midst of communism, discovered her love and talent for music. She enrolled in at a music school in her home town of Razgrad and started learning the classical accordion. Her teachers immediately recognised immense talent in a the young musician and began entering her into prestigious competitions and promoting her at performance shows around the country.

“This was a wonderful time,” says Zariana. “I bought fame and pride to my home town school and teacher.” In order to further her musical training, Zariana moved to a music school in Varna, the seaside capital of Bulgaria, when she was 12 years old. This would ensure that she received better training and more opportunity to perform and during her time there, she worked hard to continue building her reputation and began receiving

recognition as an up and coming musician and performer. The school helped her to enter some of the most prestigious competitions in the country and she took several titles building a reputation that got her invited to perform at various venues in France.
Since she has settled in South Africa, one of her goals is to share with South African audiences, the sound of an expertly played accordion. This instrument, although it has a place in the heritage and origins of South African culture, seems to have been lost, but Zariana is determined to help revive it.

She is currently working on a few of her own original compositions on the accordion. Her unique style combines classical music with modern rhythms. “My goal is to create a new musical style for the audience,” Zariana explains. “I want to introduce them to an unforgettable, great experience performed on this long forgotten, often overlooked instrument.”

Zarianna Ross is from Pretoria you may contact her on